PERFORMANCE & exhibition

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Splaiul unirii nr 160


*A MUSEUm (THEATRE) opening

7 sept | 19:00

*A MUSEUM (THEATRE) exhibition

8 & 9 SEPT | 12:00 - 18:00

*A MUSEUM (THEATRE) performance

8 & 9 SEPT | 15:00 - 15:30


A Museum (Theatre) is a participative installation inspired by Heiner Müller’s play Hamlet-machine. This text is about the History of the XXth century and especially about the history of the communist dream and its collapse. This international installation offers the opportunity to stage oneself in a political and poetical self-portrait, to experiment a creative process, to create a micro-fiction. On the border between theatre, dance and visual art, this installation enables the participants to reveal their generosity and sensitivity.


Above a gallery of individual portraits, appears collectively a state of a country, a region, a city. The project is an attempt to include, in the lapse of a snapshot, each personʼs individual story into the Great History and to invite each visitor to testify about his feelings in the political and social context where he lives. In this theatrical and photographical installation, each visitor picks an historical photo from the 20th century up to today with one or several word(s) taken from Heiner Müllerʼs play and translated into the native language where the installation takes place. The photo is projected behind them as they pose in front of the camera alone or with their family with the word(s). They create their self-portrait that is captured by a photographer.

Together with two dancers from Tangaj Collective (Denis Bolborea and Alexandra Balasoiu), Clyde Chabot will create in Bucharest a performance in which text, movement and digital sound processing are mixed.




Clyde Chabot

Clyde Chabot.JPG

Clyde Chabot graduated from the Paris Political Studies Institute – and Paris 3 University with a theatrical studies PHD. She became FM. Pesenti’s stage assistant and has attended classes with M. Langhoff, P. Fomenko, Anatoli Vassiliev. In 1992, she begins to realise performances with the french theatre company La Communauté inavouable. Her performances are works seen as an ongoing process, pursuing one another from one step to the other, from one project to the other. The national and international company’s work is multi-disciplinary (theatre, dance, video, music, digital arts). The performances often bring into play the relationships between performers, audience, author, technicians and director.





Event organised in the frame of French – Romanian Season 2019. Action supported by Via Le Monde / Conseil général de Seine Saint-Denis in partnership with Musée Nicephore Niepce – Ville de Chalon sur Saône (France). La Communauté inavouable is supported by the Conseil régional d’Ile-de-France and the city of Saint-Denis.