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4 - 8 SEPT



4 - 8 SEPT

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The Network

The theme of the fifth edition of BIDFF - The Network / Network - marks a new phase of development of the festival, by integrating films of various genres (made by film directors, choreographers, visual artists, animators, musicians) into the official programming, for various categories of audiences, as well as starting a special film project: a development lab featuring scripts for feature films that are in the first phase of creation.

"We want to connect artists, producers, curators and journalists who question the future of the body, through an artistic event in which hybridization becomes an important pillar for innovation. We also want to engage and look through a broader perspective at the dance film, in terms of the means of production, creative spots, ways, hubs and all kinds of collaborations that could come from within the community we are part of.” Simona Deaconescu, Artistic Director BIDFF

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And then We Danced - BIDFF '19 OPENING

4 Sept | 19:00

@Cinema Elvire popesco

drama, 105’, 2019

The opening film of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival - the fifth edition - is "And Then We Danced". The third film of the Swedish director Levan Akin is regarded as a portrait of a conservative society that still has the power to remove or disregard citizens who do not follow the rules instated by tradition. In a world in which the golden rule is submission, the Georgian dance cannot be or express anything else but virility. And what happens when a teenager’s first crush meets beliefs that deny him the right to happiness?

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@cinema elvire popeso

I.Time Stands Witness - 5 Sept | 18.30

ii.The Road not Taken - 6 SEPT | 18.30

iii.Acts of Rebellion - 7 SEPT | 18.30

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7 sept | 21.00

@Fabrica Gastropub

This year BIDFF opens a new competitional section dedicated to cutting edge musicals. An exclusive selection of five powerful short films from France, Congo, Romania and Czech Republic will make you giggle with empathy. Dance meets music meets unpredictable narratives. In this unique selection of shorts, charming characters are doing their best to avoid monotony. 

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6 sept | 21.00

@NATIONal Dance centre bucharest

Romanian filmmakers and choreographers meet this year in the complicated web of the self. They are exploring the daily tumult, reestablishing the connection with their own body, discovering new paths towards inappropriate fantasies. Eight experimental short films and an animation will make you question how to connect with yourself and the environment.

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love in the Age of the Virtual

6 Sept | 16.00

@Muzeul taranului roman

Curated by Super - Festival of Films Made by Teenagers

What goes as love in the age of the virtual, when everything turns into numbers? Images, feelings and sensations are blurring away. Stories of contemporary witches, rebellious ballerinas, superheroes, sea inhabitants and bubble gum appear. These 12 short films have been carefully selected by teenagers for a teenager audience, but not only. Ioana Bogdana and Eva Todica from Super - Festival invite you to an exploration of movement with meaning. 

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Maguy Marin: L'urgence d'agir 

8 Sept | 20.30

@Cinema Elvire popesco

documentary, 108', 2019

She is one of those artists who dig deep and lasting furrows, which upset the lives. For over 35 years, Maguy Marin has established itself as a major and essential choreographer on the world stage. Daughter of Spanish immigrants, his work is a joyful and furious punch in the face of barbarism. His career and his political positions lead to audacity, courage, fighting spirit.


A project orginsed by the Tangaj Dance Association and co-financed by AFCN - The Administration of The National Cultural Fund. he project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of The National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or for the way the results of the project can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the financing beneficiary. The project is made with the support of the National Film Fund, Conceptual Lab and ADFR - The Association for the Romanian Film Development, with support from DHL, Techir and Super - Festival of Films made by Teenagers. The 5th edition of BIDFF is organised in partnership with the National Dance Centre Bucharest, French Insitute - Elvire Popesco Cinema, The Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Fabrica Gastropub, Cervantes Institute in Bucharest, Apollo 111, LINOTIP - Centru Independent Coregrafic, Fiver International Screendance Movement.

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Industry Days & Script Development Lab


Industry Days & Script Development Lab

E X P A N D 

Industry Days & Script Development Lab 

deadline: July 30

BIDFF has been striving to create a platform for the development of future cutting edge films that push the boundaries of art cinema beyond the genre, while in the same time to support local filmmakers and dance artists in collaborating for the creation of new experimental cinema. 

This September, we are inviting to Bucharest festival directors and programmers, producers, experts in film and choreography. E X P A N D Lab will be hosted by Apollo 111 and mentored by Andy Wood (UK), Claudia Kappenberg (UK) and Peter Schneider (USA). 

The lab consists of lectures, pitching sessions, one-to-one meetings with mentors and industry experts.

We are looking for:

  • 5 scripts in the first phase of development for medium-length and feature dance films (fiction, documentary, animation) and musicals that either use a non-verbal language, either tackle body issues or have themes related to the context of dance making and its influence in the social space;

We offer:

  • free accommodation, festival accreditation and a partial reimbursement of up to 100 euros for travel;

  • an award of 1000 euro for Best Film in Development;

About the application:

  • the process is simple and free of charge, you will need to complete an online form with a logline, synopsis, a description that emphasizes the current state of development of your film and a biography;

  • if you are planning to make your film a Romanian co-production, you'll be asked wether you are already working with a local producer or you are searching for one;

  • application is free of charge and no other taxes will be requested by BIDFF for taking part in the lab, if selected;

  • deadline for submissions is July 30, 2019 at 4 PM (Central European Time);

  • all applicants will be informed about the outcome of their submission by August 10, 2019.




The Network is the theme of the fifth edition of BIDFF and marks the beginning of a new phase for the festival, by integrating in its programming films from multiple genres. We want to connect artists, producers, presenters and thinkers that question the future of the body, seen both in its anatomical sense but also as a "body of work" or an "ecosystem of collaboration". 


Contact information:

Ioana Diaconu / contact@bidff.ro / www.bidff.ro