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1896, New York, Edison exhibits the first vita-scope with which he projects the umbrella dance of the Leigh sisters.  Ever since then, body movement has been a constant inspiration for filmmakers, while the camera became a strong creative tool for choreographers. Dance film was born and has developed along other film genres. It was always present, dedicated to evolution and documentation and has always remained open to collaborations between artistic fields. In 2015 dance film is a phenomenon that conquers all continents. It’s time for Bucharest to take part in this movement. 

54 films, 27 countries, 3 festival days. 

Bucharest International Dance Film Festival is dedicated to films that tell their story on several layers, to bodies that defy the laws of gravity, to hallucinating images. It’s dedicated to recent history and technological evolution. From the 350 films submitted in the festival competition, we selected stirring productions that ask questions about politics, social life, human relations, hidden dreams and memories. They are tied by a cryptical, playful and exciting structure, almost like a treasure hunt through images filled with meaning. We live with one foot in the future so we break yesterday’s frames and enjoy a roller coaster of sensations as we learn to live with less words and more action.