10 SEPT | 7.30pm - 8.30PM

The National Center of Dance Bucharest - Stere Popescu Studio

Marasesti Bvd. 80-82


I don’t know anything else, I have never done anything else. I understand the world through dance.
— A conversation with Sharon FRIDMAN

a performance by the Sharon Fridman Dance Company (Spain)

Artistic Direction: Sharon Fridman
Choreography: Sharon Fridman in collaboration with the dancers
Assistants to the Choreographer: Arthur Bernard-Bazin and Carlos Fernández
Dancers: Juan Carlos Toledo, Richard Martin, Melania Olcina, Tania Garrido, Lucia Montes
Dramaturgy: Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo
Original Music: Luis Miguel Cobo
Set and Graphic Design: oficina 4play
Lighting: Sergio García Domínguez
Video: Damián Varela, Eva Viera
Tour Management: Nacho Azagra


Caida Libre explores an essential characteristic of our nature: the survival. Sharon deepens into the way groups are formed to create a support, a physical and emotional net that allows the individual to fall down and stand up again. This intention emerges as a result of the need to find freedom space for each individual within a group.

Our survival is a vertical issue: standing up after falling down is a never-ending cycle repeated day after day. Although we all take part in this asymmetric dynamics, each one feels it as unique and non-transferable. Immersed in groups, we always try to find the sense, the freedom, checking if a “free fall” is possible.

We asked ourselves how a group can facilitate this fall, serving as a source of encouragement and support so that individuals can find freedom, entrusting themselves to their own nature, and continue along their path, in the same way that a pool of still water resists plunging into a waterfall until the thrust of the current propels it into its own free fall.


Best Dance Show at Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza Huesca
Best Dance Show at Premios MAX (MAX Awards) Madrid

Free Fall is an intelligent and cleverly constructed choreography by Sharon Fridman, in which he plays with stretching time and compellingly brings the dynamic of a group to the stage. Moving in a single mass and driven by the urge to attach themselves to each other, Sharon’s 6 dancers and the 20 amateurs seem to be seeking a fusion of their bodies. This performance will have you on the edge of your seat.
— Samme Raeymaeckers, dance programmer Concertgebouw Brugge & Festival December Dance



Sharon Fridman´s current movement research is rooted in several key elements: necessity, natural spontaneity, verticality, falls, impulse and contact. His most recent works have generated, in a very natural way, a systematization of his movement language.

Contact, seen as an existential philosophy that implies a conscious relationship not only with other individuals, but with the material and the elements, is the cornerstone of this method. It gives us a way to explore the complex and delicate relationship that is generated by the coming together and separation of bodies, exploring the limits of instability. Natural movement is the raw material used in composition.

It is found in movement that is stripped of artifice and posturing in order to find true virtuosity, dance whose honesty stems from the artists intimate connection with the material he or she expresses. Our most recent projects emphasize the exploration of the unlimited repertoire of movements that occur when a body falls and resists abandoning its vertical state. Falling becomes an inexhaustible starting point from which multiple compositional paths can be drawn.