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Program curated in partnership with Arhivele Dansului: deschis pentru (re)inventar(e)!, project initiated by CNDB and co-financed through AFCN  

Curators: Corina Cimpoieru, CNDB Archives official, and Bogdan Movileanu, editor

Film materials from the ANF Archive.

A unique selection of archive films that cover different histories of dance in niche areas of the Romanian film genre, presented in a cine(dance)concert accompanied by Karpov not Kasparov. The programme is a cartography of the dance film genre, presented in 16 archive productions made between 1927 and 1972.

Ephemeral states of dance in sync with the "new media" of the silent film in the 20’s can be seen in the choreographic sketches performed by Elena Penescu Liciu (first ballerina at the Opera in Cluj), next to the ballet group of the Carabus Theater, in the comedy "Lache in harem" (1928, directed by Marcel Blossoms).

Dance film in Romania does not have an official history in the sense that is doesn’t have a constant approach with regards to the theme or the creation of a cinematic genre. It is rather a retrospective look on the dance film sources, that appears in a time of recovering the history of dance and choreographic art in Romania. It is a challenge that now comes from dance and the research of its bio-artistic trajectories.

Lache in harem

black & white / v. o./ silent / comedy

RO, 1927, 19:37

D : Marcel Blossoms, M. Kellerman. With : V. D. Ionescu, Lilly Stanescu, Elena Popescu-Liciu, Simion Sismanian, Eugen Giurgea, Nicu Poluxis. Comedy

Lache is unemployed. He falls asleep on the border of Lake Floreasca while peeping at a group of girls who are bathing in the lake. This image makes him dream about himself being inside a harem where the guards catch him unawares and throw him in jail. Here he is found by Lili Dinamita, an artist who was brought to the harem of the Pacha after having been kidnapped by the white slavers. The two try to escape and they almost succeed in doing it, when Lache wakes up among the girls he was admiring when he fell asleep. (Source: ANF) 



International Recitals

„Recital of the Japanese Dancer Masamy Kuny”

1943, 01’24’’

ANF: Voiced log ONC-UFA 55 / 1943

Stylized japanese dance on the Bucharest scene, in 1943.


„From All Over the World”

1957, 50’’

ANF: News in images no. 38/1957

A snippet of the ballet show „Gayaneh” by Haciaturian, on the Leningrad stadium.

„Korean Youth Ensemble”

1955, 01’ 20’’

ANF: News in images no. 38/1955

The dance with drums, old Korean popular dance.



1957, 01’ 20’’

ANF: News in images no. 48/1957

The National Contemporary Ballet of Mexico show in Romania.


„Choreographyc Screen”

1959, 01’ 30’’

ANF: News in images no. 48/1959

An ensemble of British ballet dancers during a show in Bucharest.


„Artistic News”

1963, 01’

ANF: News in images no. 41/1963

Bourée Fantasque, danced by a ballet ensemble from London.


„Art Ambassadors from Friendly Countries”

1971, 01’ 40’’

ANF: Week in images no. 42/1971

The „ Women’s Red Squad” Ballet presented by an ensemble of Chinese dancers at the Romanian Opera in Bucharest.


„From All Over the World”

1958, 50’’

ANF: News in images no. 3/1958

A visual experiment and a rock’n’roll satire by artists from the Czech Republic.


„American Ballet Theatre IN Bucharest”

1960, 02’ 10’’

ANF: News in images no.37/1960

A snippet from the Rodeo ballet by Aaron Copland, at the Opera and Ballet Theater in Bucharest.

V64 Teatrul american de balet la Bucuresti 1960.jpg


1969, 01’

ANF: Week in images no. 13/1969

National Ballet of Cuba on tour in Romania.


„They visited our country”

1972, 01’ 05’’

ANF: Week in images no. 39/1972

Recital al baletului folcloric Aukaman din Chile, la Bucuresti.



Romanian recitals


„MedalLion Magdalena Popa”

1966, 02’15’’

ANF: News in images no. 3/1966

Images with the ballet dancer Magdalena Popa


„Artistic News”

1955, 01’ 02’’

ANF: News in images no. 27/1955

Images of the ballet dancer Larina Serban at the Romanian Opera in Cluj.


„Mercedes Pavelici dances”

1944, 3’ 23’’


The Croatian dancer Mercedes Pavelici and Oleg Danovschi in „Don Morte” by Wilkens.

V87 Mercedes Pavelici danseaza 1944.jpg

„Preparations for the Youth Festival”

1953, 01’ 35’’

ANF: News in images no. 29

„The umbrella dance” from Glier’s „The Red Poppy”, played by a young Romanian interpreter.

Pregatiri pentru festivalul tineretului   01:35, 1953  Arhiva Nationala de Filme

cine concert with


One of the best synth-pop/dance/electronic export bands in Romania, Karpov not Kasparov has performed, in recent years, throughout Europe, from clubs to big festivals. Their music is reminiscent of the 80’s disco with an optimistic and danceable sound. This year, Karpov not Kasparov accepted BIDFF’s invitation to arrange a cine concert based on the films in the CNDB Archive.

k not k profil hi res.jpg