8 SEPT | 9.00pm - 9.40pm





6:04’, 2016
D: Alina Usurelu
C: Cristina Lilienfeld & Istvan Teglas

The film follows a path of deconstruction and reconstruction of space in meeting with the body - from dark to light, from ruin, to green, living, natural.



4:05’, 2017
D: Cristian Fierbinteanu
C: Gabriela & Cristian Fierbinteanu

Two or more strangers dance to the mantras of our modern days’ adoration. A real-fake encyclopedia of the categories we adore.



Fly On

6:39’, 2015
D: Dragos Istvan Rosu & Luiza Comsa & Tudor Panduru
C: Dragos Istvan Rosu & Luiza Comsa

Two different characters, with two different perspectives on life, but who need to learn one from another in order to get what they both desire most - FREEDOM.


Golden Boi

2:50’, 2017
D: Corina Andrian
C: Maria Beatrice Tudor, Mariana Gavriciuc

One eye, two, five (many). You are, dumb, deaf, after all, and still, you are, the epidermis in the sun, support for someone, someone, hindrance to every move, jeans. You Are Someone in the Great Something, not even a trace of shadow, of people in blocks, in spaces everywhere.



7:02’, 2016
D: Cornelia Nicolaeasa
C: Andrea Gavriliu & Stefan Lupu

Sometimes, when I dance with you, I’m just competing with myself.





3:10’, 2016
D: Dumitrana T. Lupu
C: Simona Dabija & Alexandru Bordea

What happens when someone tries to break up two souls that are meant to be together?





Momo Sanno: Free Soul
5:28’, 2016
D: Franz Galo
C: Momo Sanno

An intimate portrait of the dancer and choreographer Momo Sanno. He talks about his childhood, career and creative process. The film was entirely shot in his hometown Bucharest.


jury | bidff'17 competitions

Tomer Heymann, the director of "Mr. Gaga"  
Mayo Rodriguez, the director of Bestias Danzantes Festival (Chile) 
Florin Fieroiu, one of the most favored choreographers in Romania

AWARDS | bidff'17 competitions

Best International Film - 1000 euro
Best Romanian Film - 1000 euro, given by The Romanian Cultural Institute
Innovation Award - 500 euro
Audience Award - 500 euro