Supported by Cinedans & curated by Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival

7 SEPT | 20:00

National Dance Centre Bucharest


The Corporealities program is made up of five very special films, whose authors have decided to embark on an ever-fascinating journey through the infinite territories of human experience. With each film, we discover a new type of physical language, created especially to awaken the spectator's emotion to a level that no other art, except dance, touches. There’s no surprise that the dance films in the program cover a variety of emotions and situations that range from the bitter experience of solitude to the hyperactivity in the modern jungle of finances, from family relationships and generation gaps to post-internet communities.


10:00, Canada, 2015

D: Nellie Carrier

Talking about absence and emptiness, Néants draws the differences between the two with a ruthless precision, through the means of four cinematographic studies, both convincing and generating anxiety, on solitude.


23:00, Netherlands, 2015

D: Karel Van Laere

What is it like lying on your back, arms laying next to our body, imagining you can’t move from neck down? Welcome to the world of tetraplegics. In Paralysis, visual artist Karel van Laere undergoes this experiment and thoroughly documents the (physical) pain and (psychic) anguish he experienced during this 24-hour journey into the universe of the paralyzed.


11:00, Netherlands, 2015,

D: Sonja Wyss

In the short film She/Her, Sonja Wyss shows the anatomy of a mother-daughter relationship,revealing, layer after layer, feelings of resentment, disapproval, rebellion and embarrassment, ultimately reaching the well-hidden and fragile core of affection. The portrait of a middle-aged and middle-class, conformist mother is choreographed with coy movements, in contrast to her daughter’s outbursts of revolt.

Voices of Finance

35:00, Netherlands, 2015

D: Clara Van Gool

Voices of Finance is a surprising combination of documentary and dance film, whose title and idea started from the former banking blog hosted by The Guardian. A series of choreographic monologues bring to the foreground bankers and other actors of the financial universe, who talk about themselves and an ordinary day in their lives.


7:00, France, 2015


With Novaciéries, (LA) HORDE collective proposes a re-interpretation of a post-internet dance, in a space that seems to be a deserted factory. Jumpstyle, the dance born out of the mainstream Hardcore, owes its existence to YouTube videos. The authors created a film that combines performance art and cinema to draw a choreographic and metaphysical portrait of the post-industrial world.

Text by Adina Marina. (Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival)