At the beginning of the summer of 2016 Gina Șerbănescu and Alina Ușurelu started a research project on the life and work of the great lady of the Romanian dance, Miriam Răducanu. After many interviews, archive research and discovery of stories from behind the scenes, they decided to make a book and a documentary movie.

During the event, they will present the process of their research and fragments from the interviews with Mrs Miriam, a series of interviews woven in premiere archive images.

„As any creator who owns a bow with more than one string, Miriam cannot be catalogued or classified in some kind of drawer. And in no case ‘reduced’ to words.  A dancer, a choreographer, a master in the art of teaching, a great thinker.” - Gigi Căciuleanu

The script is conceived as an authentic visual speech between the past and  the present. The past is shown in black and white, a metaphor standing for confessed memories and of history. The present is colourful, it represents the now moment and the emotion of confessions related to the past, a contrast to these.

Despite the contrast between the tenses, the past is brought into the present by the collage of Mrs’s Miriam Raducanu now voice over the black and white images, which render the moment she describes. In this way, her artistic activity can be understood more in depth.

The narrative flow of the movie is not a chronological one - it is built in perfect accordance with the speech of Mrs Miriam, while at the same time it builds upon it, by intuitively rendering moments from her life. Nevertheless, there are certain temporal landmarks aimed at offering some of the concreteness at the basis of any documentary movie.

The main topics of film are set in the historical and social circumstances Mrs Miriam has gone through. These are: childhood, family, the times when being a student, the beginning of her career as a dance teacher, her influences on the lives of other artists, but also the teaching methods and the artistic process of her great works.