shadow-play performance followed by Q&A

12 nov |  2 - 4 PM

@ Galeria Galateca



In songs from my analogue utopia I explore the self- organizing coordination dynamics of analog oscillators and the Utopian potentials of analogue communication. In analogue communication synchronization and coordination appear as an emergent effects and are not codified. Because synchronization results from the mutual interaction of two or more processes, not a single process is dominating the other. It is in the mutuality and in the degrees of freedom of each participating process where i see the Utopian potential of analogue communication. The concepts of emergent synchronization and coordination become tangible and can be experienced through the construction of simple analog oscillators that drive little motors placed on the overhead projector. The motors swing back and forth little legs that hit on rubber strings which are spanned across the projector. During the performance I play with the coupling between the oscillators, with the internal parameters of each oscillator and with the environment, the spatial configuration of the rubber strings and with the materiality of the rubber strings, a score and shadow play emerges.



Christian Faubel is an in(ter)disciplinary scholar working between the fields of autonomous systems research, neuroscience, media art and design. He is currently working at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering and has completed research on autonomous systems in the interdisciplinary lab, the Institute for Neural Computation from 2002-2012. In 2002 he founded derstrudel as a framework for the mediation of a relaxed approach to electronics. In his work he is interested in what enables autonomous behaviour and how complex autonomous behaviour may result from the interaction of very simple units and from the dynamics of interaction between such units. He creates artefacts, workshops and performances using a playful and experimental approach to technology. In his artworks, performances and workshops he tries to convey insights about theoretical concepts from psychology, neuroscience and robotics such as emergence or embodiment along an aesthetic dimension. He considers his artworks, workshops and performances to be in the tradition of philosophical toys as they combine the mediation of scientific concepts with pleasure and amusement. He presented and exhibited his works in the UK, Mongolia, Germany, Portugal, Canada, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark.