Love in the Age of the Virtual

Curated by Super - Festival of Films Made by Teenagers


6 SEPT | 16:00

Museum of the romanian Peasant


What goes as love in the age of the virtual, when everything turns into numbers? Images, feelings and sensations are blurring away. Stories of contemporary witches, rebellious ballerinas, superheroes, sea inhabitants and bubble gum appear. These 12 short films have been carefully selected by teenagers for a teenager audience, but not only. Ioana Bogdana and Eva Todică from Super - Festival invite you to an exploration of movement with meaning. 

L-DNA 2.1 (DE, 2018, director Veruschka Bohn)

T.I.A. (THIS is Africa) (FR|KY, 2018, director Matthieu Maunier-Rossi)

BubbleGum (AT, 2019, director Ryan Renshaw)

Witch (FR, 2019, director Pauline Quinonero)

Never Twenty One (FR|USA, 2019, regia Kevin Gay)

Tutu (BE, 2018, director Gaspar Chabaud)

Kubrik Behind the Fog (DE, 2019, director Michael Binz)

Star (NL, 2019, director Catherina Iosifidis)

Ladia (USA, 2018, director Alvaro Congosto)

Happy Ending (AT, 2019, director Ryan Renshaw)

In Dog Years I’m Dead (DE, 2019, director Kenji Ouellet)

Wind (USA, 2019, director Dana Sink)