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Fiver International Screendance Movement



7 SEPT | 16:00

@LINOTIP - Independent choreography centre

Cervantes Institute Bucharest, in collaboration with FIVER - international festival and showcase platform that supports and produces dance and audio-visual works, created in Spain in 2012 - a unique selection of dance film shorts (fiction and documentaries), created by Spanish directors.

Curated by Samuel Retortillo, the director of the festival, the selection is a showcase of cinematographic works in which the movement is the foundation of dramaturgical works.

Prestigious Spanish film directors, of three generations, form a perfect sample which summarizes what dance film is: a way of using the language of movement by mixing complementary arts, in which the creator chooses the art of dance to come alive on a screen. Also, the documentary and false documentary genre is represented through social themes where dance serves as means of integration, accessibility to culture and critical thinking.


5:00, Spain, 2015

D: Cristina Molino

C: Samuel Retortillo

Ella, a bipolar girl and Eric, her faithful companion portray the extremes of emotion that the human being is capable of. A journey from utter happiness to absolute loss.



3:41, Spain, 2013

D: Álex Pachón

C: Álex Pachón

All sound causes movement and all motion produces sound. A character is dancing on the music that sounds only if he is dancing. The rhythm is conditioned and depends entirely on the movement, body language and vice versa: the movement occurs only when a sound that accompanies it exists.


15:00, Spain, 2016

D: Juanjo Giménez Peña

C: Lali Ayguadé

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.


15:01, Spain, 2014

D: Elena Castilla

Elena— “In September 2011 I developed with twelve teenagers a choreography workshop at the Center for Children Pedro de Valdivia Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz”. How do you feel? What do you expect? What would you like to do in the future? What do you miss? They were some of the assumptions used for them to create their pieces through choreographic composition exercises.

Da_Mopa (2).jpg


3:40, Spain, 2017

D: María Teresa García

C: Juan Luis Matilla

“Da Mopa” is a musical project that faces the dilemma of representation as a danced concert. Electronic music and Latin rhythms, between comedy, fake documentary and dance film, serve as support to develop the themes of songs, ranging from the call to prayer to contemporary critical meta-thinking, highlighting the contradictions of our needs, inherited or acquired.


35:00, Spain, 2018

D: Roberto Menendez

C: Chevi Muraday, Sol Picó, Carmen Werner, Jon Maya, Daniel Abreu

The film takes a trip through Contemporary Dance in Spain with five winners of the National Dance Award. Through their explanations and their shows we see how they move, what motivates them, what are their concerns and problems, what drives them to go on stage year after year and we look at the needs of one of the less appreciated and promoted arts in the Spanish cultural scene.