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+ September 5th

+ September 6th

+ September 7th


Time Stands Witness

— Sept 5, 18.30 —

 A man never ages, a woman jumps into another reality, a group of children follow an awkward looking lady and two artists fell in love on the edge of the cosmos. These films come in different genres: from sci-fi to horror through visual poetry and comedy. Ten dance films, from eight countries will give you goosebumps. Time stands witness to these out of the ordinary stories, in which the body finds itself mirrored in a parallel universe.


The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time

5:00, Canada, 2019

D: Vincent René-Lortie

C: Kyra Jean Green

Eytan sees the world around him change and evolve, yet he himself never changes. His journey is a quest to understand why he never ages and dies like the people around him. What he doesn’t know is that he only exists in the dreams and unconscious minds of others.


11:00, France, 2018

D: Baptiste Rouveure

“Altera” it’s the other. The other who would be a weight and that we reject. Then what remains to build our reference points, our identity and not to sink into the otherness of a life finding echo only in our own reflection?

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The Maid

5:30, Germany, 2019

D: Rain Kencana, Kolja Brandt

A surreal trip through a maids’ everyday work life. The film jumps back and forth the outer reality and another reality of Consciousness. It oscillates between being a servant and living a lavish lifestyle.


8:29 min, USA, 2018

D: Dylan Wilbur

C: Subrosa Dance Collective

“Unfolding” follows an anonymous woman as the poetry of the world blurs around her. She experiences the excesses of demand. With surreal imagery and dream logic. Unfolding explores the tug between determination and anxiety; the balance between surrender and endurance.


Saili - The Light

03:50, United States, 2018

D: Haansol Rim

C: Danielle Derisse

The portrait of the existentialist struggle of seeking individuality (the Light) in a homogeneous world, only to be confined again in a never ending nightmare.


15:00, Spain, 2018

D: Rubin Stein

C: Mercedes Morillo

A war. A child. A dream.Premiered at Palm Springs Shortfest, "Bailaora" is the last short film from the suspense trilogy "Light&Darkness", that explores a different issue related to the dark side of the human beings. "Bailaora" is about the war.



3:42, Finland, 2019

D:Antti Ahokoivu

C:Guillermo Sarduy, Minttu Pietilä

Organic elements in a concrete world. 



6:29, Czech Republic, 2019

D:Jana Stárková

Oměj is a research of the relationship between human body and the architecture of the place we live. It reacts on the specificity of Prague and its rythm and the special communication in between the main characters.

Limitless (We Are)

5:52, Poland, 2019

D: Anita Sawicka si Piotr Abramowicz

C:Anita Sawicka si Piotr Abramowicz

Explores the connection between organic movement and beauty of nature. Similarities in the heartbeat to the rhythm of the world. Power of elements. Human journey.

Paris you got me

09:02, Germany, 2018

D: Julie Boehm

C: Julie Boehm

On her way home Ksenia accidentally comes across the street-painter George. Seconds later the two find themselves in a parallel cosmos. Their steps turn into dancing taps, gestures into splashes of paint, their action into art and art into the creation of an own reality.

The Road not Taken

Sept 6, 18.30 —

 “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / And sorry I could not travel both / And be one traveler, long I stood / And looked down one as far as I could / To where it bent in the undergrowth". These eleven films, from nine countries delve into darkness, struggle for light and search for new meanings for love. Like in Robert Frost's poem, the protagonists of these uncommon stories, find themselves faced with impossible choices.


13:29, Germany/Turkey, 2019

D: Rain Kencana

C: Rain Kencana

Two brothers leave their father behind in his adopted German domicile. They embark on a soulful journey through their own world of childhood memory in Anatolia, dancing between this world and the beyond, revealing a dark secret.


4:15, Taiwan, 2018

D: Chang Chun-Ting

C: Chang Chun-Ting

The crowd follows their desire to pursue a goal that seems beautiful. I express the desire of people through their possession of chair. This film is to think about desire through the contrast of minimalist style and the interaction of the person with the chairs.

mère fille (1).jpg

Danse, Poussin

13:00, France, 2016

D:Clémence Dirmeikis

C:Lucie Germon

Eight-year-old Louise and her young mother Marianne are usually very close. But on a «fest-noz» evening (traditional Breton dancing), their relation alters because of the dance, and an unsettling dancer. Louise feels lost.

Interlude - Aaron Howell.jpg


5:28, United Kingdom, 2018

D: Aaron Howell

A fragmented vision of the body moving through time, this animation explores timelines of passing, meeting and physically poetic moments of contact. Sometimes the constant notion of moving forward through time can blind us from the fickle present and the freedom to become lost within it.


Silence of Tear

8:00, France, 2019

D: Adrien Ouaki

C:Adrien Ouaki

“Silence of the tears” is the story of two childhood friends who find themselves 15 years later. The time has passed but the memories quickly return to the surface. Memories and emotions will guide the two characters in a deep face to face that will lead them to questioning a past event that has been the biggest mystery of their childhood.


Bleeding and Burning

2:36, Canada, 2017

D: Guilaume Marin

An orbit of red and black. Coordinated by the assembly to reach a new galaxy. Neither dance nor editing and collage. Encounter of the human and the form in a paréidolie universe.


10:50, Poland, 2019

D:Paweł Zawadzki

C:Wojciech Mochniej 

UNFRAMED is a film based on a dance performance FRAMED/ UJĘ(CI) choreographed by Wojciech Mochniej. We get to know a couple from the first cigarette, through infatuation, desire, a sense of freedom, the effort of breaking up, and an attempt at mutual support in returning to normality.

We will meet in the place where there is no darkness

2:57, United Kingdom, 2017

D:Sebastian Kite 

C:Sebastian Kite 

Constructed as a pavilion within the gallery space, Kite’s work references back to Orwell’s “1984” interrogation room, using light to create an ever-evolving space.Introduced into this space, a dancer acts as a protagonist, each performance redefining the relationship between the architecture and the audio-visual score. 

Danse Macabre

6:26, Hungary, 2018

D:Zsófia Csánki

The story takes place in an abandoned room. The main character is a sick person, who is consumed by his sickness so much, he is forced into a wheelchair. The film represents the three stations of passing away: vulnerability, battle, and the synthesis: acceptance.


4:16, Norway/Germany, 2018

R:Yotam Peled

C:Yotam Peled

Jonah is a man who lives between memories and prophecies. Some think he is a fool, a clown,  a romanticist - for how can you follow a man who sees with eyes closed?  In his encounter with nature he discovers a primal connection to his body. With a new appreciation to the nature around him, and the nature inside of him, he lets the waves carry him back to his mission.

Acts of Rebellion

7 Sept, 18.30 —

Find yourself in a mass jubilation, somewhere in Europe, and then travel to Iran where a little girl is playing hopscotch while her village is bombed and a performance artist defies the laws and dances in the streets of Tehran. Now you are in a fighting pit, where contemporary dance meets wrestling and hip-hop moves talk about fatherhood. You stop in a purple field where you meet a naked man confronting loneliness. In a second you are transported to a Voodoo Carnival in the Caribbean. You are in the cinema watching Acts of Rebellion, a unique BIDFF screening of nine films from six countries, where the body never stops fighting.


15:32, France, 2019



This film captures the concrete manifestation of worship that is translated into ritualized practices and performances, a mass jubilation and a consumerist mass. Can we still live a spiritual experience in these new consumerist sanctuaries?


3.45, Iran, 2017

D: Ebad Adibpour

The children play together. An Iranian game performed by a foot and a stone. But one kid cannot play.


13:30, Netherlands, 2018

D: Jan Pieter Tuinstra

C: Keren Levi

Based on the biographical story of Elvin Elejandro Martinez and narrated by him, “Otherland” is a juxtaposition of two narratives that evoke new associations for viewers. While the visual story of the ball is fictional, the film is based on in-depth research into the Dutch ballroom community.

Tanin Torabi-The Derive, by Milad Sanaei (1).jpg

The Dérive

7:39, Iran, 2017

D: Tanin Torabi

C: Tanin Torabi

An exploration of social and cultural issues. A dancer moves among the people in an old bazaar in Tehran capturing the responses and reactions. Dance is prohibited in Iran.


3:25, United Kingdom, 2017

D: Laura Roe

Focusing on the mental effects of job applicants, NAME presents a physical response to our subconscious battle to stand out on paper.


07:54 , Germany, 2019

D:Eunjin Park

C:Céline Bellut, Eunjin Park

In the dark, people act all in the same way. It is perfectly normal, but at the same time bizarre. Among them, where am I and where am I going?

Takako Vs. Nine Lives

9:08, United States, 2018

D:Lauren Wolkstein

C:Laura Katz Rizzo

Takako Vs. Nine Lives is screen dance that uses a hybrid dance language and multiple camera perspectives to create parodic feminist interpretation of a three act balletic pas de deux/ three round wrestling match.


4:00, United Kingdom, 2018

D:Billy Boyd Cape

C:Botis Seva

Director Billy Boyd Cape collaborates with Botis Seva’s hip­hop theatre collective Far From The Norm to explore the themes of love, abandonment and fatherhood. We discover a man’s inner struggle as his mind battles against his soul in this emotional dance film.


Oh Boy!

10:00, France, 2019

R: Hadi Moussally

C:Antonin Rioche

Based on the dance-piece "Oh Boy!" by Antonin Rioche. "Loneliness. For some of you, the word may not be very familiar, but the feeling, though, you know it quite well."