bidfF'19  INternational Competition

elvirE popescO cinema



Time Stands Witness

— Sept 5, 18.30 —


A man never ages, a woman jumps into another reality, a group of children follow an awkward looking lady and two artists fell in love on the edge of the cosmos. These films come in different genres: from sci-fi to horror through visual poetry and comedy. Ten dance films, from eight countries will give you goosebumps. Time stands witness to these out of the ordinary stories, in which the body finds itself mirrored in a  parallel universe. 

The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time (CA, 2019, director Vincent René-Lortie, choreographer Kyra Jean Green)

Altera (FR, 2018, director Baptiste Rouveure)

The Maid (DE, 2019, director Rain Kencana, Kolja Brandt)

Unfolding (USA, 2018, director Dylan Wilbur)

Sailli – The Light (USA, 2018, director Haansol Rim, choereographer Danielle Derisse)

Bailaora (ES, 2018, director Rubin Stein)

Alta (FI, 2019, director Antti Ahokoivu, choreographer Guillermo Sarduy, Minttu Pietilä)

Oměj (CZ, 2019, director Jana Stárková)

Limitless (NO, 2019, concept & choreography Anita Sawicka & Piotr Abramowicz)

Paris you got me (DE, 2019, director Julie Boehm)

The Road not Taken

Sept 6, 18.30 —


"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / And sorry I could not travel both / And be one traveler, long I stood / And looked down one as far as I could / To where it bent in the undergrowth". These eleven films, from nine countries delve into darkness, struggle for light and search for new meanings for love. Like in Robert Frost's poem, the protagonists of these uncommon stories, find themselves faced with impossible choices. 

Ali (DE|TR, 2019, director Rain Kencana)

Chairman (TW, 2018, director Chang Chun-Ting)

Danse, poussin (FR, 2017, director Clémence Dirmeikis)

Interlude (UK, 2018, director Aaron Howell)

Silence of Tear (FR, 2019, direction & choreography Adrien Ouaki)

Bleeding and Burning (CA, 2017, director Guillaume Marin)

Unframed (PL, 2018, director Paweł Zawadzki)

We will meet in the place where there is no darkness (UK, 2017, director Sebastian Kite)

Echoes (FR, 2019, director Kevin Frilet)

Danse macabre (HU, 2018, director Zsófia Csánki)

Jonah (NO|DE, 2018, director Emilia Kurylowicz, concept & choreography Yotam Peled)

Acts of Rebellion

Sept 7, 18.30 —

 Find yourself in a mass jubilation, somewhere in Europe, and then travel to Iran where a little girl is playing hopscotch while her village is bombed and a performance artist defies the laws and dances in the streets of Tehran. Now you are in a fighting pit, where contemporary dance meets wrestling and hip-hop moves talk about fatherhood. You stop in a purple field where you meet a naked man confronting loneliness. In a second you are transported to a Voodoo Carnival in the Caribbean. You are in the cinema watching Acts of Rebellion, a unique BIDFF screening of nine films from six countries, where the body never stops fighting. 

CULTES (FR, 2019, LA HORDE - Marine Brutti/ Jonathan Debrouwer/ Arthur Harel)

Six Home (IR, 2017, director Ebad Adibpour)

Otherland (NL, 2018, director Jan Pieter Tuinstra, choreography Keren Levi)

The Dérive (IR, 2017, director Tanin Torabi)

Name (UK, 2017, director Laura Roe)

i (DE, 2019, director EunJin Park)

Takako Vs. Nine Lives (USA, 2018, director Lauren Wolkstein)

Reach (UK, 2018, director Billy Boyd Cape, choreography Botis Seva)

Oh Boy! (FR, 2019, director Hadi Moussally, choreography Antonin Rioche)