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A cinechoreography of communal differences 

Contemporary medicine is increasingly concerned with the profound impact of social isolation and broken social structures on individual well-being and health, and debates on environmental sustainability are advancing notions of constructive communities in the search for a better future. Much of screen performance however portrays athletic, idealised individuals and spectacular acts, which may produce a ‘wow’ effect but add little to our understanding of communal relations, dynamics and potentials. My question is, how can screen-based representations, screen performance and screendance reflect on contemporary communities, and what can screendance contribute to these debates? I will look at the work of choreographer, composer and filmmaker Meredith Monk, in particular her film Ellis Island (Rosen and Monk, 1982), as well as Michael Haneke’s Code Unknown (2000) and The White Ribbon (2009), and earlier experimental screendance such as the work of Amy Greenfield, to explore subjecthood on screen. I will consider cinematic and choreographic strategies such a depersonalisation, and the sculpting of space and time through ritualised action.

Claudia Kappenberg is an artist that actives in performances and media. Her work draws from dance and the visual arts to create minimalist choreography for live events specific to a location, but also for on-screen performances. Claudia has a master's degree in Fine Arts / Film and Video from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and taught university courses in Fine Arts until 2002. Since 2004, she teaches at the University of Brighton, UK, classes on experimental film and performance practices. 

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