lecture Andy Wood

Sept 5 | 15.00

Apollo111 teatrul

free entry

Andy Wood.jpg

As an artist, Andy Wood works cross-disciplinarily, in cinema, video art, photography and sound. He is one of the most famous creators of dance films, renowned for his minimalist style and architectural aesthetics. His films and video works have been presented at international film festivals, art galleries, prisons, public spaces and TVs. Andy studied Fine Arts in the UK, worked as a musician and producer for several years and currently runs a documentary film and art house production company. He is one of the developers of Leeds International Film Festival.

In his lecture, Andy Wood invites the audience to multiple discussions on: collaborating with a choreographer, adapting a work for the screen, considering sound in screendance and several general screendance issues, sharing his perspective either as a filmmaker, programmer or teacher. Andy Wood is an E X P A N D trainer and jury member of BIDFF, fifth edition.

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