musicals competition bidfF'19

7 SEPT | 21:00

fabrica gastropub


This year BIDFF opens a new competitional section dedicated to cutting edge musicals. An exclusive selection of five powerful short films from France, Congo, Romania and Czech Republic will make you giggle with empathy. Dance meets music meets unpredictable narratives. In this unique selection of shorts, charming characters are doing their best to avoid monotony. 

Zombies (CG|BE, 2019, director BALOJI)

Music Box (CZ, 2019, director Veronika Pasterna Szemlova)

Do you think it's serious? (RO, 2019, director Maria Drăgoi)

100% Pur Porc (FR, 2018, director Émilie Janin)

DU BLANC A L’AME (FR, 2017, director Aude Thuries)