The Big Dreamers

Official Competition - Musicals

5 SEPT | 21:00

fabrica gastropub

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This year BIDFF opens a new competitional section dedicated to cutting edge musicals. An exclusive selection of five powerful short films from France, Congo, Romania and Czech Republic will make you giggle with empathy. Dance meets music meets unpredictable narratives. In this unique selection of shorts, charming characters are doing their best to avoid monotony. 


13:58, Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2018


A journey between hope and dystopia in a hallucinated Kinshasa, Zombies goes from the culture of the hair salon to a futuristic clubbing, from the urban parade to the glory of a dictator in campaign to a modern western. And interrogates the almost carnal relationship we have with our phones, outgrowths of the hand giving us the talent of digital ubiquity…

Music Box

12:45, Czech Republic, 2018

D: Veronika Pasterna Szemlova

The mysterious mechanism of the music box repeats the same melody in different variations. In isolation and in the atmosphere of fear, it is desirable to think that no other melody exists, because then the continuous pain can be tolerated. False tones, however, awaken hope for better fate and freedom, but no one knows what is the price…

Do you think it's serious? 

10:44, Romania, 2019

D: Maria Dragoi

Narcisa is a hypochondriac high school student who goes on a date for the first time with Laurentiu, a shy boy. As she reaches to the meeting point, she discovers in herself a new illness and learns that her lover has caught a little cold.

100% Pur Porc 

17:00, France, 2018

D: Emilie Janin

Blandine works in a salting factory and makes sausages. To avoid monotony, she dreams a fantasy world where she attends idled sausages. After a meeting with her boss, her world collapses. Nonetheless, she won’t let herself be discouraged…


25:14, France, 2019

D: Aude Thuries

Avoiding uncomfortable pauses in a conversation is an art. Creating such moments in a conversation is a job, more precisely, this is White's job: a gentleman, all dressed in white, who interferes in conversations at appropriate - or quite inconvenient - moments, to hinder the discussion.