bidfF'18 National competition

7 SEPT | 21:00 - 22:00

Deschis Gastrobar


Starting with 2016, BIDFF has concentrated a significant part of the festival’s resources towards supporting the local creative industries in the production of dance films. Two years laters we see that the number of festival applications has tripled and creative duos of choreographs and directs are beginning to emerge. On the other hand, the national competition demonstrates that the lines between the artistic genres and generations are beginning to blur. We present here a surprisingly varied selection, where the body is facing its own weaknesses as well as the society, through images that deconstruct, multiply or alter it’s presence. 


6:55’, 2018, RO

D: Corina Hinkov

C: Maria-Luiza Dimulescu, Simona Dabija

The disorientation of the artist suffocated by society. An experience of the earthly reality induced by senses and impulses, a reality that goes beyond the limited horizons of humanity.

HOW LONG?                                                                   

1:00’, 2018, RO

R: Tania Cucoreanu

C: Tania Cucoreanu

A dance video experiment meant to position and distribute the body within in the 2D video limits. The exercise divides the body in puzzle pieces which are composed according to the real body movement in fantasy physical forms.



10:37’, 2017, RO

D: Raluca Croitoru

C: Adina Orboi, Alina Ștefan, Cristina Daju, Florica Achim, Lavinia Urcan, Lera Kelemen

Suite for the Office is a choreography meant to fill in the transit halls and waiting rooms of an office building.



4:56’, 2018, RO

R: Corina Andrian (Red-Cor)

C: Maria Gavriciuc, Beatrice-Maria Tudor
M: Amatis Chifu

I love walking through town with the innocence of a fetus and the fascination of an alien. I open my backpack, I throw inside impulses, I cram experiences, mistakes, a bottle of water to keep myself hydrated and I’m leaving. What I leave behind becomes my present, what I gather in my backpack ... that’s my business.



5:02’, 2018, RO

R: Maja Kovacevic

C: George Plesca

A dancer is fighting his disability so he can follow his dreams, even if this means that he must choose the hard way.


NEXT REVOLUTION, PLEASE!                                      

6:08’, 2018, RO

R: Gabriela Fierbinteanu, Cristian Fierbinteanu

C: Gabriela Fierbinteanu, Cristian Fierbinteanu

A short audio-video experiment in which two or more characters converse and dance relating to subjects such as revolution, consumerism, making the world a better place, progressive politics, the future of mankind.




15:00’, 2018, RO/USA

R: Ioana Turcan

C: Ioana Turcan

A film about uprooted states, rituals in transition, identity and differences in perception: Romania and USA. Shot during the author’s travels between 2012-2017, combining personal archive, 8mm film and digital files.


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 13.47.46.png


JAM DA KOAKAZ                                                             

4:47’, 2017, RO

R: Jean-Lorin Sterian

C: Carmen Cotofana

After taking LSD for the first time, a guy sees his living-room invaded by 10 dancers.




(SLOW) BREATH                                                         

4:16’, 2018, AT

D: Constantin Georgescu

C: Constantin Georgescu


(Slow) Breath is a study on time fragmentation.





13:48’, 2018, RO 

R/D: Irene Marco

C: Laura Andrei

Never Ending tells the story of Agnes, a successful contemporary dancer, preparing for one of the biggest performances of her career. However, despite the practice and the efforts, things don’t go according to plan and Agnes is faced with a decision she never thought she would have to make. Will she follow her dreams or will she make a decision that would change her life completely?


Q&A with the film teams