Practices of the Self

Official Competition | Romanian Shorts

6 SEPT | 21:00

National Dance Centre bucharest


Romanian filmmakers and choreographers meet this year in the complicated web of the self. They are exploring the daily tumult, reestablishing the connection with their own body, discovering new paths towards inappropriate fantasies. Eight experimental short films and an animation will make you question how to connect with yourself and the environment.

When No One's Watching

2:49, Canada , 2018

D: Teodora  Zamfirescu

C: Teodora Zamfirescu

A young man, too young for his business suit and too old to be a fool, walks through an imposing corporate architecture while allowing himself to act out playful and inappropriate behavioural fantasies. “When No One’s Watching” juxtaposes architecture and human behaviour and redefines social, architectural and creative protocols.


Pendulum (Selves in Perpetual Motion)

5:00, Romania, 2019

D: Ioana Mischie

A haiku film portraying selves in perpetual motion, in a monochrome universe. Filmed in LA, California

Singing Bodies 

3:38, Romania, 2018

R: Lavinia Pollak

C: Valentina de Piante, Denis Bolborea

We detach from our social perception of public space, we sharpen our senses and we use our bodies as expression of audible and inaudible musicality of the city. We propose a new reference of own impact over the environment, an awareness of the visual and sonorous traces that we leave in space.


03:57, Romania, 2019

D: Maria-Luiza Dimulescu, Catalin Rugina

C: Maria-Luiza Dimulescu

Losing ourselves in the daily tumult, we wake up one day with deep discontent and confusion, with a feeling that we are clueless of who we truly are as individuals. At that point you try to re-establish the connection with your body to your own soul and your own mind and become fully aware  that reconnection is not seemingly as easy.


04:06, Romania, 2019

D: Daniel Dragoescu

C: Svitlana Pashko / Daniel Dragoescu

"RIVERƧE" is a little story told in dance and movement about changing the way we as humans perceive and interact with our existential space, our environment.

Boot Camp
05:18, Romania, 2019

D: Camelia Neagoe

C: Camelia Neagoe

"Boot Camp" is a visual metaphor for the process of becoming, increasingly stepping out of childhood. It's an expression of reality creeping down on the imaginary, creating a claustrophobic, rigid atmosphere. It's about standing on the threshold between a place of illusory candor and one of darkening lonesomeness. Oscillating between the comforting presence of her past self and the seemingly blank existence outside of her safe space, a girl comes into her adulthood.


04:50, Romania, 2019

D: Corina Andrian

C: Mariana Gavriciuc, Beatrice Tudor

- I have an idea, a dope proposition, you’ll like it cause I know what you like.
- Yea, I’m basically down with all soups, broths and souls so I’m sure it’s fine. I'll go wash my hair, so, anything that juggles with soup.
- You’ll love it.

Home Alone
13:47, Romania, 2019

D: Jean-Lorin Sterian

C: Carmen Cotofana

We see habitation as something natural, but the ability to inhabit a place is conditioned by the environment in which we have developed our personality, by our interactions with the family and society. Any new space recovers our first habitation. Home Alone, aims to discover the habitation "skills" of each individual.

Sarmalele Reci - MTV is my friend - Out of Competition

06:33, Romania, 2019

D: Radu Popovici

Cristi, a young man, with a lonely and pointless existence, who’s only joy is listening to music on MTV, lives an extraordinary experience. From travelling with the Yellow Submarine to singing on the same stage with his favorite band, Sarmalele Reci, Cristi’s joyful dream changes him forever.