National Competition bidfF'19

6 SEPT | 21:00

National Dance Centre bucharest


Romanian filmmakers and choreographers meet this year in the complicated web of the self. They are exploring the daily tumult, reestablishing the connection with their own body, discovering new paths towards inappropriate fantasies. Eight experimental short films and an animation will make you question how to connect with yourself and the environment.

ROMANIAN SHORTS SELECTION – Practices of Selfhood -

When No One's Watching (RO, 2019, Teodora Zamfirescu

Pendulum (Selves in Perpetual Motion) (RO, 2019, Ioana Mischie)

Singing Bodies (RO, 2018, Alexandra Balasoiu)

DIS|CONNECTED (RO, 2019, Cătălin Rugină)

RIVERƧE (RO, 2019, Daniel Dragoescu)

Boot Camp (RO, 2019, Camelia Neagoe)

Soup (RO, 2019, Corina Andrian)

Home Alone (RO, 2019, Jean-Lorin Sterian)

Out of Competition: Sarmalele Reci - MTV is my friend (RO, 2019, Radu Popovici)