10 nov, 10Am - 1PM

@ UNATC„i.l. Caragiale” 

75-77, Matei Voievod


If we think about the first tribal rites on earth, what do we think that was first? The Dance or the Music?
I will share my point of view on dance and film and we will discuss a little bit about dance, cinema and music. We will see some curious master pieces of any kind that have unconsciously been very relevant in the making process of “Cracks” and “You will fall again”. Then we will create a joint piece that will somewhat sarcastically question the origin of the relationship between music and dance. Ingredients: body percussion, shameless, contemporary dance, cracks, body noises, and cinematic experimentation. Thus, we will create a situation in which the movement of the body depends on the rhythm we dance but, at the same time that music will never exist without the movement that generates it. Which came first: The chicken or the egg?


I combine personal projects as a director with freelance work as digital artist in motion graphics and visual efects for films and broadcast. I ́m always looking to expand myself in terms of knowledge and creative experiences. I ́ve lived / worked in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and the UK working for clients like ArtFutura, La Fura dels Baus, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Mediapro, Nussli, etc… My films have been screened in more than 200 festivals around the world and outlined in reference sites like Cultura Inquieta, Fubiz, TVE2 or Canal+ Xtra. Cracks has been featured in the American Dance Video Anthology 2014 and I ́ve been invited to the Taipei International Contemporary Art Fair, Taiwan. I feel confortable using the absurd and surreal to build knew and unknown forms of personal expression, this time using contemporary dance. “Cracks” is my fifh short film afer “Feijoada” (2003), “Vivir sin aires” (2006), “Atardecer Rojo” (2008) and “You will fall again”.                                                

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