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Documentary, 75', 2016 (UK)
DIRECTOR: Steven Cantor
Special contribution from david lachapelle

Nominee for Best Documentary at  the British Independent Film Awards
Starring: Serghei Polunin, David LaChapelle, Jade Hale-Christofi  

Blessed  with astonishing  power and poise, Sergei  Polunin took the dance world  by storm and became the Royal  ballet’s youngest ever principal. At  the peak  of his success,  aged 25, he walked  away, driven to the brink  of self-­‐destruction by stardom  – his talent more a burden than a  gift.

Here  is an  unprecedented  look into the  life of a complex  young man who has made  ballet go viral. Urban rebel,  iconoclast, airborne angel, Sergei  is transforming the shape of ballet  as we know it.

From  archive  footage of  Polunin training  at the age of 6   to be an Olympic gymnast,   to intimate material shot by   both his parents, and in‐depth interviews with family, friends, colleagues  through to footage of Sergei’s life on and  off the stage now, we witness every step of Sergei’s journey. Polunin  is a controversial,  divisive character and  he is shown in all his  complexity. The film is  also a showcase for his extraordinary  physical and emotional range.

How do you come to terms with a life definition that was created for you?

When you’re the greatest in the world, what else is there left to achieve? To live for?

Twenty-­‐five year old, world-­‐renowned ballet star, Sergei Polunin, has defined his life through his art, only to question his existence at the opportunity to become legendary. DANCER is an intimate reflection of a talented and charming, but also complex and enigmatic ballet star at a vulnerable crossroads.
— Steven Cantor