13 nov | 19:00 - 20:15


Constantin Mille, 4


In the closing evening of the festival, BIDFF kicks in the Romanian dance film industry with 5 short films that will keep you in suspense. We open the special screening with the premiere of Sonder, the latest Tangaj Dance film production, followed by Up Stairs, an experimental short film created in an unique collaboration format. Afterwards there will be screened 3 short dance films created by UNATC and UNARTE students, as a result of the [CO]laboratory. The screening will conclude with the awards ceremony for the bravest dance films and digital art works displayed in the festival.

Ph. Credit: Andrei Dascalescu

Ph. Credit: Andrei Dascalescu


12', RO, 2016

Choreographer & Director: Simona Deaconescu

Director of Photography: Tudor Panduru

Sound Design: Sebastian Zsemlye

Producer: Anamaria Antoci

Editor: Alexandru Catalin Gheorghe

Dancers: Denis Bolborea, Simona Dabija, Diana Spiridon, Galea Bobeicu, Razvan Stoian

In core of Romania there is a stone quarry that raised numerous controversies at a national level - Rosia Poienii. The mining exploitation determined the man to create an architectural wonder digging the stone in a rush fore ores. The sound of the excavators and explosions creates a mysterious symphony, while the waste paints the space in subtle shades of blue. The walls of the quarry capture an enigmatic story of the bodies charged with tech emotion in conflict with the space of an unwelcoming beauty. Five dancers are in a temporary reality where they are alienated from their own bodies, thoughts and emotions, becoming hosts of tense spatial and sound information waves that penetrate their skin and thoughts. They are united by a joined story, a craze inherited from decades that flots ivisibly aroud them and digs deep in their subconscious.

Ph. Credit: Lavinia Pollak

Ph. Credit: Lavinia Pollak

up stairs

20', RO, 2016

After an idea by Alina Usurelu and Irina de Marinescu

Dancers and choreographers: Carmen Cotofana, Istvan Teglas, Cristina Lilienfeld, Catrinel Catana, Irina Strungareanu and Momo Peter Sanno

Image: Alina Usurelu si Vlad Dudu

Editing: Cristian Vieriu

Soundtrack: Ciocan Florin

The experimental short film UP STAIRS uses the stair as a performative pretext and a symbol of the reactivated public space, reinterpreted through the interaction with the body, the senses and the personal filters. Built from the direct interactions of 6 performers with 5 different spaces, Up Stairs is a film that places the body in singular and specific realtions with the targeted spaces, making various routes, to highlight unique ways of reacting to the built, architectural environment. The metaphorical composition of the film follows a path of deconstruction and reconstruction of the space meeting the body. The film thereby makes a new visual proposal that meets the need of understanding the space, the body, and the relationship between them qualitatively different.


The screening will be followed by 3 short films realised by students in the frame of [CO]laborator and the BIDFF awards.